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Dharma.house was founded in 2016, as a complementary offer to traditional meditation centres. Our mission is to inspire, and show by example that it is possible to create, another way of life, free from ordinary pettiness, free from complaining about our circumstances and free from mental rigidity.

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Support us!

At Dharma.house, we strive to make the Dharma available without precondition.

Running costs, however, are not null. So we rely on the support of like-minded people, who think it is beneficial and constructive to leverage the vastness and richness of the Dharma, in order to appropriately help people in a vast and rich set of circumstances… and who believe in leading by example, in walking the talk, in cultivating generosity and compassion in practical and measurable ways.

€  monthly
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Safety first!

Currently, we need funds to make the house safer than it is.

Based on first aid training, the legally required minimum for ”chambres d'hôtes” (i.e. small structures like we are) simply isn't adequate! When interested in mindfulness, complacency doesn't appear a wholesome option.

Please, help us raise the standards on:

This ‘safety’ budget is approximately € 2,500.

€  once
Set an appropriate amount

Any excess will be used toward beddings, blankets, towels, etc.

The relevant articles were ordered during the sales period in December. However, the provider not only failed to deliver the order, but also failed to notify us of the difficulties they had. As sales are heavily regulated in France, a new equivalent order has now incurred higher costs.