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Dharma.house was founded in 2016, as a complementary offer to traditional meditation centres. Our mission is to inspire, and show by example that it is possible to create, another way of life, free from ordinary pettiness, free from complaining about our circumstances and free from mental rigidity.

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A house…

Dharma.house is first and foremost a modern house, ecologically friendly, with a small secluded garden, inspiriting art and a library. Beds are of the highest quality, to help with any back pain that may arise from meditating more than one's body is used to.

Three spacious, light-filled bedrooms (2 × 2 persons, 1 × 4 persons) allow for small groups to enjoy a convivial atmosphere, offering a constructive environment for both individual attention and group support.

We are located 25km north-west of Lyon, a major European city. The Pierres Dorées (Golden Stones) region lies in the transition zone between several climates and offers contrasted seasons without falling into extremes. The house is on the edge of the village and has stunning views onto the Monts du Lyonnais hills, as well as easy access to walks in the countryside. In summer, it is pleasant to rest by the pool.

You can see how much we rely on inspiration rather than austerity to favour learning, on a few photographs of the Pierres dorées and of Charnay, as well as of the house.

…open to all

While inspired by the buddhadharma, Dharma.house is non-sectarian. Retreats will as easily cover early Buddhism, Theravāda, and Mahāyāna evolutions, as they will modern movements around mindfulness or secularism: we reject the artificial barriers, limitations and certainties that accompany many institutions. On occasion, non-Buddhist traditions may be touched upon too.

The house is open to all. It is not necessary to identify as ‘Buddhist’ to attend. While each person may have particular circumstances and conditions to deal with (thus potentially needing specific guidance, tools or antidotes), anyone has the potential to realise Liberation from unsatisfactoriness. Regardless of colour, age, gender, or sexual orientation, we strive to embody the harmony of equality and diversity.

How to get here?

From afar

Lyon is a major European city served by Lyon Saint-Exupéry international airport, with direct flights from many European cities and 1-stop flights from most metropoles worldwide. The Rhônexpress tramway links the airport railway station to the city center station of Lyon Part-Dieu in less than 30 minutes (trains depart every 15 minutes).

High-speed trains (TGV) connect to Lyon Part-Dieu directly from many French cities, as well as from a few European neighbours (TGV from Baden Baden, Barcelona, Basel, Bruxelles, Frankfurt, Genève, Karlsruhe, Mannheim; Eurostar from London).

Cheaper international travel is possible by coaches (e.g. ouibus connects to Barcelona, Girona, London, Milano and Torino).

From Lyon

The house is situated at 40 chemin neuf, 69380 Charnay (map googlemap) (GPS coordinates: 45°53'37.5"N 4°39'44.2"E) (PDF map for local directions).

Direct taxi is possible but expensive. From Lyon Part-Dieu, it costs approximately €47 (7am–7pm) or €68 (7pm–7am).

From the same station, regional trains depart regularly to the village of Lozanne (€7.20, ) situated 6km away from the house (approx. €12 by taxi, €16 at night).

If you're in Lyon, it also is possible to get to Lozanne from Perrache station (same trains, earlier, ).

Alternate routes are from Gare Saint Paul, either to Lozanne (via Tassin; ), or to Fleurieux sur l'Arbresle (8.6km away from the house; ).

When possible, car-sharing will be organised, should you let us know when and where you arrive.