Dharma.house was founded in 2016, as a complementary offer to traditional meditation centres. Our mission is to inspire, and show by example that it is possible to create, another way of life, free from ordinary pettiness, free from complaining about our circumstances and free from mental rigidity.

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Spring retreat

led by Denis Wallez,

Saturday 18th (7am) – Sunday 19th (7pm) March 2017,

at the house,

in English.

Of all the causes of stress, the primary is a mis-alignment between reality and one's model of reality, i.e. expectations. Women are subjected to many pressures, many representations are projected on them and some will be internalised, in relation to who they are, how they look, sexuality, motherhood, career, (in)dependence, (in)equality, how they ‘should’ relate to others… not only from men but also from other women (incl. their own mother)! Too many expectations often end up forming an oppressive combination, unless one actively frees oneself from them and start discerning by oneself what is helpful, constructive (in one's context) and therefore taken on board, and what is unhelpful, destructive and dismissed.

This retreat will cover many topics relevant to women in today's world, with a goal towards reclaiming freedom and choice from deterministic views (or “should”s). To free oneself, one usually has to face fear, and to develop skills to prevent fear from dictating one's life, so self-confidence and fear will certainly be discussed (from the reluctance to ask for a pay-rise, to the fear of men). Another model of reality which makes life difficult for many women is the view that a successful life lies in “having it all”, so some time will be spend on this question. Body acceptance, relationships, power/empowerment, equality are all topics that might also be enquired into, depending on the participants.

The retreat is taught by a man. This might appear strange at first, but there already exist many women-only retreats taught by women so there's little need for another one. Dharma.house is a nurturing and supportive environment, but this is not a pampering week-end (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's a different offer). This retreat is not on “how to be a woman” but on how to free oneself from the pressure of expectations. It is about useful skills, to live a better life, in reality as it is (hence inclusive of men), and these skills are not gendered. Freedom takes many forms, including freedom from the belief that separateness is inherent (or so fundamental that empathy or communication would automatically be impossible across genders).


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2 days of instructions, questions&answers, experiments and exploration (including some periods of silence). 2–3 nights: arrive on Friday evening, leave on Sunday evening or Monday.

Standard rate, per person: € 100 + dāna

If your circumstances do not allow you to afford such a rate, please contact us to explore alternatives or to apply for a bursary.

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