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Dharma.house was founded in 2016, as a complementary offer to traditional meditation centres. Our mission is to inspire, and show by example that it is possible to create, another way of life, free from ordinary pettiness, free from complaining about our circumstances and free from mental rigidity.

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Saṃsāra / individual guidance

Whether we're in the present situation due to circumstances we had little control over or due to deliberate choices, life remains unsatisfactory… for as long as we cling to our ‘personal’ knotted bundle of preferences, opinions and convictions… mostly going round in circles, from one craving to the next, endlessly trying to control the world to force it to comply with our wishes but never ruling it ‘enough’.

Even very ‘good’ intentions aren't enough for the world to magically do what we want, as a "reward". The very assumption that the world ‘should’ respond positively to one's genuine efforts will itself cause dissatisfaction, impatience and feelings of inadequacy.

And yet, while we're here, we might as well engage constructively; we might as well creatively influence whatever crosses our path, towards what's most beneficial for all; we might as well drop unhelpful habits and harmful views… we might as well be free from unsatisfactoriness!

To flourish within reality, to awaken to our full potential, the Buddhist teachings are a tool, not a magic wand. As the Buddha called it, the Dharma is only a ‘raft’; its value lies in what we do with it. However, while going through personal challenges, we may find it difficult in the midst of emotions and confusion to see how to apply the teachings, or how to manifest the cultivated skills and qualities.

So, beyond a program of retreats, a service provided by Dharma.house is to support you to reflect on your personal engagement in the world, and to enquire into what you might adjust in order to create more supportive conditions for yourself and others. Going beyond generic examples and historical precedents, this is done in the most practical terms possible: delving into the specific circumstances and patterns unfolding as your life!

Denis is happy to support you, on site and/or online (email, video calls…), with individual sessions on a variety of topics: from relationships to business ethics, from Buddhist wedding vows to “off the cushion” mindfulness at work, from stress to anger, from working with the Buddhist ‘precepts’ to dealing with major changes in your life, from birth to death…

This is an opportunity for you to take responsability, and to explore and embody Wisdom, well beyond simply accepting some positive views of the world or belonging to some ‘nice’ religion. If you're so inclined, this is an opportunity to tear the veils of preconceptions, unexamined preferences and certainties, veils which obscure reality and limit freedom.

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