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Dharma.house was founded in 2016, in the village of Charnay, as a (bilingual) complementary offer to traditional meditation centres. It is neither a temple nor a monastic institution, so teachings need not be limited to a single tradition.

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Saṅgha / local community

Dharma.house offers a program of retreats around practical and modern themes, based mainly on Buddhist philosophies and oriental psychology but remaining open to other traditions and to scientific progress. The real, day-to-day applications of these disciplines are at the heart of the approach, rather than metaphysical elaborations or religious rituals.

In 2017, we're setting up a meditation group, every Wednesday evening, 7pm–8pm… to establish a saṅgha (or local community of practitioners supporting one another).

This creates an opportunity to cultivate a meditative calm (for example to better manage stress) as well as to learn techniques of introspection (to address the very causes of stress, rather than the symptoms… thus moving from reaction to prevention). The goal is to allow each and everyone to free themselves from their hindrances and to find personal fulfillment, combining freedom and responsibility.

Those who already have some experience of meditation can find support for a more advanced, or more regular, practice… and beginners or just curious people are also welcome.

For more information, contact us!